Social Media Tools for Work & Self Promotion

There are many ways to self promote yourself, ways in which you don’t have to actually speak and people can still “hear” you. That can be done through the help of Social Media sites.

Here are a few Social Media sites that are used for work and to self promote:

  • Facebook – This is the most popular and fastest growing online sites that allows people to connect with friends and family quickly. This sort of platform allows people to post anything they want to show others. This is one of the easiest ways to find out what you need to know about someone, but only if you are friends with them on FaceBook.
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn is the best site to expand your network, especially when you are searching for a job.  You can connect with anyone you like by “connecting” to them. You can use this site to build yourself in ways of branding yourself. LinkedIn is used to get connected to people with the same interest as you, whether that be in field of work, interests, or hobbies.
  • Twitter – This is also a popular social media site that is used by millions or people across the world. Although you can only send messages or “tweet” only 140 characters or less. This site is not only used to communicate with friends and families, but you can communicate with coworkers, friends of your coworkers, celebrities, and public figures. With this website, you are also able to see what people are saying.
  •  Instagram – With over 10 million users, Instagram is a great social media site to share photos. This site allows you to post anything you are selling, important/special events, or an important message that you want people to see. Even if you are not posting either of those, you can share photos or anything you like. A site like this allows your followers to know about you in a visual way, see what you see , sort of thing.
  • Pinterest – Along with Instagram, Pintarest is another visual social sharing platform. You “pin” pictures onto your own page, which is a virtual chalkboard, and allows people to see what you have pinned. There are many categories where you can pin from like food, fitness, cars, business, etc. This site can also be used to sell products of your own and to purchase from other Pinterest users.



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Social Media Websites | 5 Top Social Networking Sites | Why You Should Use Them



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